Saturday, March 15, 2008

Whoops! Contest extended.

Thanks again for the great responses to the contest! I have chosen two winners so far.

Congratulations to Lynn Kaiser and her daughter for these two entries:
1. Illuminate
2. Dogs Rule

Many of you responded with great jewelry ideas, and I realized that I may not have explained what I was looking for in the contest very well. (Duh, Amie), so here it is without you having to read my mind:

If you wish to enter, please respond with a word or phrase no more than 9 characters long (as pictured above). For instance, I have a lot of words on my necklaces such as dream, love, hope, foster, think, read, etc. What I am looking for is witty, funny, creative, sweet or smart sayings. The winners will receive a charm necklace with a word or phrase of their choice on it.

Thanks for bearing with my airheadedness, you are all awesome! The final, final announcement of the winners will be on March 22, that's next Saturday. So, remember, enter as many times as you would like, and thank you for your participation!


Sandy said...

Hi Amie,
Here is my list (you may already have some):

Kelly said...


My entries are:

pup luv (we have 4 dogs)
always me
give love
be happy