Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Why is it that when I have the most to do, when I am in the middle of creating a new line, when I have a gazillion pieces to make for upcoming shows, when I am planning a wedding, I seem to have a burning insane desire to clean. Is that a procrastination thing? Does anyone else do that? Maybe it is a spring thing. I am not much of a house keeper. I would love to say differently, but I am not. No really, I wish I were, but it clumps together in that same category as bad calender keeper. I can't seem to get it together. But, in the midst of everything that is going on, I am compelled to clean and organize my studio? Not that it doesn't need it, but it has needed it for a couple of months. Why now? I get so envious when I see other bloggers' studios that are so pretty and colorful and shiny and organized. I want that. But, it does not seem to matter if I reach that level of organization (not that I ever have), it will not last. I move so fast, that putting something away after I use it would be to lose time, or an idea. I know, this sounds bogus, and maybe I am just lazy. I move so fast all of the time that I run into things a lot. I fall up steps, never down. Ok, rarely down, mostly up though. Have you ever ran into a light switch? I have on several occasions. I always think it's funny. And now I have developed this dizziness when I move too fast that makes me fall over. I think it might be vertigo. I need to go to the doc, but who has time for that. Maybe, if I am dizzy when I move too fast, I will slow down. Now we're on to something.
In other news, I made it on the front page of etsy! Holy surprise this morning. Can you pick my piece out? I was so excited. I called the few people that would care, and immediately began photographing the new pieces I made yesterday. That way, while all of the peeps were checking out my one piece on the front page, they could see my new stuff. The second I got everything uploaded into the computer, the front page changed. Figures. That's okay though. I am still reveling in the post manic happiness of being on the front page.

Did I tell you about Clarence. Clarence is the cutest. He is a very special dog who is only going to a special home. I want to keep him, but will not. Steve wants to keep him too. Right now he is going through heart worm treatment, but will be all better in about 6 weeks. I love Clarence.
What are you doing, crazy lady? Would you please leave me alone?Why are you following me? I just want to sit in my chair in peace and be the cutey patootey that I am. You bore me crazy lady.


Kelly said...

you know, i just found your blog (through etsy - i am a fellow etsy-ite) and i love what you are doing. my husband and i would love to have a shelter/sanctuary/goat cheese farm one day. in the meantime, we would love to foster, but we have 4 dogs and live in a city house with a city yard. we are waiting until we move out of the can only have 4 legally in the limits.

you seem to share the same love/infatuation/affection/obsession that we have for the 4-legged droolers. keep up the saintly work.

Amie King--Saving the world One necklace at a time. said...

hi kelly. what is your etsy shop called? are you here in st. louis? we live in the city too, so goat cheese is out, but i almost have my fiance talked into chickens (maybe). i ask him everyday if i can get a sheep and he says no. and then, i ask him if we can move to a farm, and he says no. maybe one of these days we will both be able to live our dream. have you ever read farmfare girl. her link is to the right, and she will really make you want a goat or a sheep or something animalish.

Kelly said...

hi amie,

my shop is unfortunately, i have a demanding job so only get to do stuff for it occasionally and you know how well that goes over in etsy. you have to post every day to stay at the top of the cue. i want to one day be a full time artist, but that will have to wait until we hit the lottery.

my husband and i live in Delaware and the city, although small, is still a city. i, too, ask my husband repeatedly if we can have a goat cheese farm. we checked one out on our honeymoon in Maui...very cool. but, after an hour or so, he was done with farm life. i did get to milk a goat though. i tempt him with the animal rescue idea. we are taking a vaca next month and going down to a greyhound rescue farm to volunteer. my husband is obsessed with greyhounds.

i'll have to check out farmfare girl.

well, back to work.

Lisa said...

Your "Clarence voice" cracked me up. He looks adorable. I'm in St. Louis too, and enjoy checking out what's happening with your jewelry and dogs. The pierced discs with animal shapes are so fun and colorful!