Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Art Show

This past weekend was the Art and Air show in Webster Groves. It was great! Despite a little bit of rainy weather and the bent pole in the back of my tent which made it feel like we were going to end up in Kansas, the show was a good second experience. I have heard horror stories of artists being locked up in their closed tent for six hours at a time while waiting for the rain to pass. With that in mind I am going to start bringing a couple of bottles of wine with me just in case. I have not done too many shows yet, but I seriously doubt that I will find another show that the people are so nice and accommodating. I was thoroughly impressed. They set me up with a gig on Fox 2 with Tim Ezell which was about 5 seconds, but awesome and he is such a nice guy you wouldn't believe it...class act. I was also on show me st. louis, but if you blinked you would've missed me. I sold most of my pieces so, I have been cranking in my basement trying to produce as much as humanly possible for the show this weekend at the Central West End. I am pretty pleased with my results, but cannot wait until I can start to be a little more creative and less crunching out work.

Other things are that I sold my house! I will be Steve Simmons' roommmate for the rest of my life. I can't wait!

Oh! and also, I will be on the today show five style on Friday. Who knows what kind of time I'll get, but I figure any exposure is good exposure. Right?

I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.