Friday, July 27, 2007

Geez! I can't get that kitten to be better. Her eyes are all snotty and so is her nose. I met a nice girl named Rachel who teaches classes on essential oils (they smell amazing) and she gave me a potion that I apply to the kittens temples to help with the respiratory infection. The vet meds just aren't working, so I thought I would try the oils. I will be a huge believer if they get rid of the infection. I am becoming quite obsessed with the oils myself. Hey if you believe it, it'll work.
I adopted Zoey! to a super nice family. They are wonderful and I know Zoey is going to have a great life.

My studio is all set up in the place formerly know as Steve's house, now we call it "our house". I've kind of taken over. He is so patient, allowing me to move all of my stuff in and most of his stuff out. I love him so bad! And not to mention that I get to have my studio in the basement in place of band practice. I sound like a greedy little jerk don't I. One day we will have a fixed up basement where jewelry and bands can coexist. a perfect world.

I only have 8 days of work left at the County Ass. And then I will be a full time metalsmith! I cannot wait. Oh the productivity that will happen with 5 full days to work on the jewelry. Not to mention the creativity, I hope.

So, we are down to a 3 animal household. My wonderful and beautiful mother took my 11 year old cat Cerveza. She is the bestest cat in the world, and that is why she did not deserve to be locked in a room all day. She will be happy at my ma's and my stomach will not tie in knots everytime Steve sneezes. Well, I have to find a home for one more kitty before the knots go away, but I am on my way. Enough ramblings for today.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

being green, earrings and animals

I started composting a couple of months ago. It definitely helps on cutting down on trash. I bought one of those barrels that spins at Home Eco (on Macklind) in order to aerate the compost. I love the idea of making my own healthy dirt...but, I am not quite sure if I am doing it right. I opened the barrel the other day and it stunk to high heaven. I just keep telling myself how beautiful of a garden this sludge is going to make for me.

We're trying to be a regular old green family here at the King/Simmons household. I try to buy all recycled toilet paper and when we have to use paper towels, we try to use recycled (except when Steve buys them). I don't know if he's all that convinced that he alone can make a difference. I really think it starts with each person individually. If we all start buying products that have less of a carbon footprint, then more companies will begin to offer those products. And yes it will be for a corporate profit, but whatever we can do to make them change their ways will help.

Here is the new addition to the family...well she is a foster addition. It has gotten a little crazy at the new homestead. We have taken in a kitten (Steve is deathly allergic to cats), but I took it in because it rode in a someone'e transmission from Jerseyville and needed some TLC. I desperately need a home for this kitten, so if anyone knows of anyone who is looking for a kitten, PLEASE email me! I also have Zoey, the puppy. Zoey is a great puppy and is going to make someone a fantastic dog. Not that I am complaining at all because Steve is the one that should be complaining, but the whole situation is a little stressful. LOTS of animals to take care of and they all have to be kept in different rooms...puppy just had surgery, the kitten is contageous and can't be around Cerveza and neither of the cats can be anywhere near Steve. I'm like a crazy woman running around the house all day taking care of animals.

Here are a pair of earrings that I just made for a nice lady's daughter. Her daughter is in a band called Leslie and the Badgers. I love her band! The cover of her album is a hummingbird hence the earrings.

Hope everyone is well, will post more soon!