Saturday, March 22, 2008

Contest Winners!

Oops, I had to pick 6 because they were all so good! It was so hard to choose. I did not realize how difficult this would be. Thank you so much to everyone for your great ideas and entries. I wish I could pick them all, but alas, I had to decide. FYI, I put them all nameless in a different file and picked my favorites without knowing who wrote it, to be fair. I am getting ready to run out, but I wanted to get this posted today. To the ladies who were picked: Please email me with your address and what you would like your custom necklace to say. Thanks again to all of you for the great response. I was way excited to see everyone's ideas. They were all really wonderful!

Lynn Kaiser--Illuminate
Michaela Kaiser--Dogs Rule

Sandy Snead--Cupcake
Bernie Berlin--Jovial
Laura Masters--Evolve
Emma O'brien--Carpe Diem

Congratulations and have a great weekend!

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heather Haymart said...

Hi Amie!
I love your contest idea, and now I love your contest winners' ideas! Very cool. Hope you had a happy Easter.