Monday, March 10, 2008

Uh, Yello?

That's how my dad used to answer the phone. I think I may do that sometimes too.

I am in the process of updating the look of my booth in my head. This is what it currently looks like. Most of the jewelry is kept in the cases, requiring the customer to ask to see a piece, and me to be available to give it to them. Not that I am that knock down, drag out busy at the shows, but I have been told at times that my booth was too busy to get to. That's a good thing right? Well I have been thinking that maybe it is not necessarily that I am too busy, but that my setup is inconvenient. My new idea is to eliminate the cases and display everything in open air for people to feel free to touch, try on and fall in love with. Basically, what this comes down to is that I have an idea in my head for some fabric that I want to make a T-shaped table cloth out of. That is all it is, an idea. I do not even know if I have ever seen this fabric before besides in my own head. As I picture it, it is yellow knit, or woven cotton, rather thick and textury, with a raised design of victorian type swirls and flowers and prettiness. Got it? Any one understand what I am talking about? Can anyone tell me where I can get something like this? It is one of those things, that I have in my head, and if I have to settle for something less, my booth will not be what I have pictured in all of its glory. I don't know, I think I might be obsessed with yellow as of late. What do you think?

Those are not the real mantel decorations.

Yellow is the accent color in our wedding. Yellow and brown. I told Steve those were the colors I dreamt up, and he promptly replied, "oh good, poop and pee." I think I pooped and peed my pants laughing. He is funny like that at least once a day. All of those yellow vases are for our center pieces. And that little hippo, I actually own, but he may be lucky enough to attend the wedding. And what do you ask are those cute little paintings above the vases?

Those are paintings Steve and I collaborated on. If we ever get it together, we are going to do a series with those two as our characters, involving our experiences with rescuing dogs and life in general. Alrighty, off to bed. Sweet dreams!


amy one ill said...

My grandma says yellow too but it's more like yallow..

justbeyou said...

Love your jewelry !!! Yellow is a fabulous color. Over at Freespirit fabrics under the Zulu line they have a yellow fabric with chandelier drawings on it, it's pretty cool, might be a nice backdrop for your jewelry. Another thing I do is when I find a great textured fabric I dye it. Rit makes a golden yellow dye that comes out beautifully.

good luck!!

Anonymous said...

O.k., so it's not cotton AND the texture is indented instead of raised BUT it is thick and looks cool.

Get velveteen, find a swirly texture stamp to match your vision... place stamp UP covering with the veleveteen (good side facing stamp) and iron. The texture will be forever imbedded into the velvet. Kewl huh?