Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post show relaxation

Now that I am finished with the crazy Chicago show, I have decided to spend my free couple of days, before I begin filling custom orders and gifts, beginning some decorative craftiness. Here is the beginnings of the garland that I am starting for our new fireplace. I also went to a couple of the local thrifty stores to find some wool sweaters for felting our first stockings. I am still working on the style of this garland, but, Steve says that I have old lady taste. I think Steve just sort of has different, or interesting taste as exemplified by this:

Tonight we set up our tree, but my tripod is in the car still from the trip to Chicago, and it is way too cold and wet to go get it, so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. The tree is one of those dwarf trees that can be planted after the holidays.

Tonight was such a fantastic night. I made stew, which I have not made since last winter. It is a recipe that my Ma taught me when I was in college. I never have written it down, but it is really the best thing I make for the winter. It reminds me of my youth. Maybe food tastes better when you are raised on it, but I think it is so good.

The show was decent this weekend. I do not think that I will be doing it again, because it was a little too intense for me. However, I enjoyed the time that I spent with my friends Amy and Kevin. Amy is 9 months pregnant, and I kept having paranoid thoughts of her going into labor every time she left my booth. She would go to the bathroom, and not come back for a half hour. I would have thoughts of her having to be rushed to the delivery room. I really love her and had such a great time. They are one of the funniest couples I know. Amy is such a trooper. She spent all day Friday and Saturday with me, without complaint. I could not believe it. I imagine myself as pregnant and think that I am going to be a total pain. My friend Amy has given me a new perspective. I really cannot thank them enough for letting me stay with them for five days. The show turned out to be just average, so it was a good thing I had free lodging. I do not think that I will be doing it again. There are so many shows in St. Louis that weekend that I think I will give those a shot instead.

Thank you to everyone who came to the show and talked to me. I really appreciate the encouragement. It is so fun meeting new people. I will get a picture of that tree up soon.

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