Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Obssestica with Ornaments-ica

I am obsessed with this little Strawberry Shortcake dish set too. I bought it for my niece for Christmas this year, but she is not even two and I have decided to wait until next year to give it to her. She is just such a genious, I forget that she is so young. No, really she's a genius, and I'm not just saying that because I am her doting aunt. She is also adorbale.

Floyd is obsessed with it too. He wants to keep it and drink his water out of the head bowl, and eat his food off of the feet plate.
Steve and I have started a new tradition for Christmas. I stole the idea from my friend Carroll. We are going to purchase or make (preferably make) a special ornament that represents our year together. This year I bought this ornament from Anthropologie, which I have been trying to stay out of lately, because I go way too crazy. It is a house because, duh, we moved in together this year. Notice the creepy cello player to the left. It cracks me up. But, next year we will make the ornament. I am sure that Steve is thrilled.

These are a few of my other favorite onrnaments on the tree.

I got this scary snowman from my grandma. I noticed that it's nose is falling off while I was taking the picture, so I will glue that back on before the season is over.

This beauty is from my Grandma too. I bet she made it.
Last year, my friend Autumn Foster who lives in Portland sent Steve and I this ornament. Isn't it sweet?

If you have a tradition, or something that makes this time of year special for you, please post in the comment box. I love hearing that kind of stuff, so I can borrow fun ideas.

It snowed this weekend, a bunch! We sat in the house all day on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately Steve left the camera at work, so I didn't get any pictures. He can do that because it is his camera. The dogs were cute with their snow covered coats and beards when they would come in from outside. Sorry, no pics, but here is a picture of Bad Bob today. He is a trip, reminds me a lot, character wise, of my old dog Bailey, whom I miss. Fortunately I have been able to compensate for my loss of Bailey two years ago with way too many dogs. That's how wonderful Bailey was. It will take a katrillion dogs to fill his personality. Now he is sitting on a shelf in a vintage brass urn watching over us. Yes, I am crazy, and you all know it for real now.

Oh, and the jewelry. This is a jewelry blog right? I have been busy filling orders and making Christmas presents. It has been fun. There is something gratifying about making something that you know is going to be a gift. Yesterday, I was supposed to make two necklaces for people for Christmas, but there is something more gratifying about working on pieces and ideas that have nothing to do with what I'm supposed to be accomplishing. And, I couldn't get this bicycle out of my head.
So, I cut it out of metal. I don't know if I am going to put it up for sale quite yet.

I leave you with bread pudding. Oh, and look, there's that cute ornament again.

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