Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trays of Organization

I got my trays and cases today! I love how the pieces look all clumped together in one velvety case. I love compartments. It makes me feel good to have things organized. I have been looking forward to organizing my jewelry since I ordered the trays a few weeks ago. I used to be like that when I was little. Every season I would organize my closet by clothing type, then color, then how often I wore it. If I could only get a little bit of that back. Reach back in the past and pull forward some of that organization. I think it will be my studio that will call me back to the enjoyment of organization. One of these days.

Meanwhile, I have been dying to take a picture of this wreath on my front door that I just painted green. The wreath was made by Sue Lombardo, who owns Recycled Rose. She makes the bests wreaths around. By the way, I also got that baby dress form from her shop. Isn't it great? I pondered on it for 6 months. Everytime I would go into her shop she would have this look of dread on her face, because she really did not want to sell it. That is why she had it priced at what she thought was high enough. I could not resist it though. It is perfect to display one special necklace at my shows. Three things come home with me at night from my shows. 1. my jewelry 2. my monies 3. my baby (dress form that is).

The necklace on this dress form is really special to me. My grandpa gave me this box of costume jewelry pieces, he had won at an auction, thinking I could make something out of them. He passed away a few months later while Steve and I were in Italy. There were some beautiful pieces in the box. I sat on them for over a year. Finally, I had the courage to make something of them. I have the hardest time creating with my favorites. I have decided to keep the piece for myself on the dress form. The one below was made out of one of the pieces from that auction box as well. Turns out they are two of my favorite pieces. It's probably because of their history, but they are calming to me. The necklace below is called "Lucky Lady".

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