Monday, November 12, 2007

Fritters is a funny word

Steve and I sometimes go to this little hipster bar, called The Royale, down the street, because they have half price appetizers and a fun atmosphere. We usually order the same thing every time...the crabby cakes (which I don't eat) or the empanadas, hummus, and a goat cheese salad. I look forward to it every time. Since I had some left over shredded zucchini from the muffins, I thought I would make some zucchini fritter cakes, hummus, and goat cheese salad to try and emulate our meal. All of the recipes were decent, but there are some changes I will make next time, like no sugar in the fritters and more hot sauce and salt in the hummus. I will let you know when I figure it out.

Steve likes to make art out of his food. I remember the first breakfast we had together was at Chris' Pancakes, between each of our houses. By the time Steve was finished with his meal, he had concocted a plate that looked exactly like ice cream, out of butter, eggs, left over pancakes, and bacon. Had I not been so full, I would have tried it, thinking it was dessert. I wish I had a camera with me all of the time back then. Tonight he made this:

And now I must watch 'Heroes'.

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