Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Animal Abuse!! Ringling Brothers and Carson / Barnes Circus

The Ringling Brother's Circus is coming to St. Louis. If anyone is interested in passing out literature on the abuses of the circus, please contact me. I will be there. I'm also going to be making t-shirts to boycott the circus. They will be available on cafepress. All of the proceeds will be used to print literature. Any leftover proceeds will be donated to PETA's campaign against the circus.

I totally understand if you're not up for chillin' in front of the Circus when they come to town, but at the very least please do not play a part in supporting the abuses that come along with animals in the circus. Ringling Bros. denies any abuses, but even without the electrical prods and bull hooks, these animals spend 11 months of the year traveling. They are left to stand in their own feces. And when they are not traveling they are chained. They lose their minds. Elephants are social family oriented animals when they are in the wild. Obviously they are highly intelligent with all of the tricks they pull off for these money grubbing animal abusers who put on this show. Please pass this on to everyone you know. Especially those who have children.

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