Friday, October 5, 2007

All of the dogs and turtles.

This is Andy. He is a sweet terrier mix, new foster. I have never had a small dog before, and I love him. He is my little lovey lap/foot dog. If he doesn't look all that together in the picture, it's because he has a humorngous slice out of his ear that he can't quite figure out, and can't seem to stop attacking his head, right now. He has quite a hole in his neck and head from trying to get rid of the demon on his ear. Dogs aren't really that bright. They tend to attack wounds because they don't understand that nobody is causing the pain, they just want it gone. Andy is going to be a brilliant dog for someone, besides his species unbrilliant attack of his own sores. What are ya gonna do? We're working on it. Sores heal. As you can see by the pics, Andy and I have bonded tremendously, in just a day and a half.

Turner's tentative adoption didn't work out. The woman who was planning on taking her is also having her 90 year old mother moving in with her and was understandably a little overwhelmed. Here are a few words about the Turner monkey.

Turner, a 3 yr. old 56 lb. Greyhound mix was found as a stray in Iowa. She was very timid upon her arrival into our home. After being shown that we were not going to hurt her, she has turned into a loving and loyal dog. She plays very well with our other two dogs in the house, and is a joy to take on walks. She is the best dog I have ever walked on a lead. Turner needs a gentle, loving home that will treat her with the love and affection that she deserves and is able to give in return. She is playful in the yard, but like a lazy kitten in the house. When she runs outside she looks like a deer. She throws her toys in the air and does 360-degree turns to try to catch them. Whoever ends up with Turner will be very lucky. We would keep her if we didn’t already have two of our own.

This is my latest commission necklace called Slow and Steady. It was purchased by Nancy, one of the three lovely women who own and operate ROOTS one of the BEST antique stores in St. Louis, located on Sutton in Maplewood. These ladies really rock, so you should go visit their beatiful antiques. They have great taste. I called this necklace slow and steady, because I try to remind myself to enjoy not only the means to an end, but also the process. I always have to remind myself of that. Slow down, right?


Jamie said...

Both are so sweet looking. I have a friend who rehabilitates abused Rottweilers (if you can believe that!)

Amie King--Saving the world One necklace at a time. said...

The world needs more people like your friend. So many people adopt Rottie's, tie them to a tree for protection, but then end up not wanting to bother to care for them. And then the poor dogs end up being so difficult to rehabilitate. I would be angry too if I were tied to a tree my whole life. Does your friend have a website or blog?