Thursday, September 27, 2007

Columbia Show

I have a show this weekend in Columbia, MO, and I have been crankin' it. Holy Jebus, I am going to have arthritus at an early age. I'm a little concerned about how well I will do at this show, so I have been busy making small necklaces (50 of them) and earrings (75 pairs). My knuckles hurt. But, after this show, I don't have anything until December and I have some great ideas for new stuff. I'm super excited to start doing the creative stuff again. It has been 3 weeks. Luck has it that the creation of my smaller, more methodical pieces fell on the same week as tv premier week. So, I have been sitting on the couch, filing, sitting on the couch sanding, sitting on the couch forming and more filing, on the couch assembling. It worked out nicely, because I got to watch my shows. I was looking forward to the bachelor (i know, I'm a huge nerd), I'm obsessed with America's next top model (now you've lost all respect for me). Lets see, can i gain it back? I'm hugely obsessed with Law and Order, and I'm working on getting obsessed with Heroes. Grey's Anatomy was disappointing, but I'm still going to try to watch it this season and see if it annoys me. Sometimes it annoys me. Sometimes I can't live without it.

More importantly...Turner, now Tippy has been adopted almost officially. She will be taken by her new owner (my next door neighbor's friend), who lives in Kentucky tomorrow or Saturday. She's a lucky dog because she's going to be in a great home. I love that feeling, knowing that the dogs are placed in superb homes. It's the best. It's why I foster. I will be getting a terrier on Monday. I will post pictures when I get him.

For anyone out there who is looking to adopt, if you want to adopt a pure bred, there are pure bred rescues of every kind, all over the place. So please get on the internet and support your local rescues because it's just silly to pay for more dogs to needlessly be put on this earth when there are so many in desperate need of a loving family. Contact me if you need help finding a pure bred pup in a rescue if you aren't having any luck. I will help and it will be so worth it.

Steve's looking at guns again. haha!

These are my cute dogs Frankie Monster is on the left (the Shepherd mix) and Floyd, the doydy is on the right (as far as we can tell he's a lab/giant schnauzer mixed with a lot of love in his belly. I talk so much about all of the other dogs I have in my home, I thought I'd introduce to the perma dogs. They are sweet because they put up with all of the randoms I bring home.

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