Monday, September 17, 2007

Raw Food

I tried to go raw last week. Key word tried. I don't know man, all the rave about the diet...and it all makes sense. I think I did it right mixing nuts and fruits and hemp protein and lots of greens. We went to Stone Hill winery on Friday because Steve's band Strawfoot played for the Missouri bike race. Thank goodness wine is on the list of raw foods. However, I think I may have over done it. By Sunday morning, after 6 days on the raw food diet, six days of headaches, severe lethargy, and one day of way too much wine, I broke and had myself my favorite breakfast of hashbrowns topped with over easy eggs and salsa and sour cream. Far from raw, but oh so delicious. My goal was to make it two weeks, but I think 6 days of 100% raw was plenty. For those of you who don't know what a raw diet is, it is when you don't eat anything with preservatives, pasteurized, processed, no chemicals or hormones. It's a vegan diet, so no dairy, or meat. And you don't cook anything. But, there are recipes that are pretty good that can keep it pretty interesting for a while. I'm glad I did it, because I will incorporate some of these recipes into my daily eating repitoire, but definitely not 100%.

I am fostering a full bred Greyhound cutie. Her name is Turner and she is totally neurotic. I'm thinking she was kenneled most of her 3 years of existence and she is super uncoordinated so she probably wasn't raced. I think she was pushed around a lot because anytime I take her collar she freezes. I have spent a good portion of the last week pulling and carrying this 55 lb. beauty. That said, she has a great temperment. We are working on potty training since I don't think she had ever been in a house before. She also had to learn how to maneuver steps. She was pretty afraid at first, but now can go up and down short steps. But, if you have never seen a greyhound run and play it is an amazing sight. She looks like a deer. When she runs she bucks her back legs after she raises her front. Steve wants to keep her because although she is playful outside, when she is indoors she is like a cat. Just lounges around or chews on a bone. I think I've already found a home for her. I knew she would go fast because she is sooo cool.

This is a photo of Steve and I on the way home from Art Outside Schlafly show after a 14 hour day of working and then breaking down the tent and loading furniture and jewelry stuffs in the rain. This is a really good picture to show how we felt.


Kristen's Raw said...

OH MY GOSH! What a beautiful dog :) Wow, her coloring is gorgeous :)

I like your post about Raw. It was fun to read, and congrats for going as long as you did. That's awesome. I think as you incorporate more raw recipes into your lifestyle, you'll feel great benefits, even if you don't go all Raw :)

I have a couple of easy and great recipes on my blog you might like that are Raw Vegan. I also did a little post about wine being Raw that you might like. Cheers!

Kristen Suzanne

suvine said...

Stay raw it is awesome, what an experience. 5 years for me and mostly fruit for 2. It's like my life is magical.