Tuesday, August 28, 2007

animal rants

i think my rescue is going to fold. it's not "my" rescue, but i foster for them and they outed the lovely lady that directs the program in order to bring someone in who is...better??? i don't know that there could be much better than sherrie. i wish that wasn't happenning because I loved working with her. and no one has even contacted me to let me know there is going to be a change.

I found a home for Pauly G.! Well, I didn't, but my friend Linsday did. Super excited about that. A very nice gentleman who she works with is going to give him a lovey home. I love it! Pauly is such a cool kitty.

Today I was at our vet picking up Pauly from his neutering and there was this woman there who rescues mini pinschers from breeders who mistreat. There was this little cutie who was thrown against a wall and his eye was all busted up. Arhg! I don't get it. How could someone do that to an animal.

And then...the woman who rescues these pinschers ran out to get two more. I looked out the window to see if she needed some help and noticed that these two little dogs were running around the parking lot loose. Holy crap! It was right on Watson. Very busy road during rush hour. All of us were out there trying to catch these little ladies who have not had very much human contact because they were caged and makin' babies for the man their entire lives. Again, something wrong with our society.

On a lighter note, this is the second day of the rest of my life! My last day at the County Ass & Beer was Friday. I am super duper happy and psyched to start the new chapter in my life. Since my rescue went kapput(sp?) I'm going to think long and hard about starting one of my own. It's something I've always thought about doing, but it is such a life long devotion that is very difficult to allow for any time for yourself. It may be something I will do later in life. I have a vision though.

Here is a necklace dedicated to the animals. I call it break the chains...dedicated to the anti-circus movement. Please don't support the circus. It is only animal abuse. They use the animals as pawns for their money making and don't treat them well otherwise. Please do not go to the circus anymore.

thanks for listening to my rants.

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