Thursday, September 6, 2007

Art Outside

The Schlafly show is tomorrw. Since I haven't been working at County Glass, I feel much more prepared. Either that or I've become much more lackadaisical before shows. That is no good since I've only done 3 shows so far. I feel like I should be stressed out, but I'm not. Maybe I am since I'm worrying about whether I'm stressed or not. I've had a lot of fun over the past 2 weeks in my basement creating and I hope it shows in my work. Each piece takes quite a bit of time to make...I wish I could go faster, but I don't want to lose the quality of the pieces. It's so hard for me to make the same thing twice. I get so incredibly bored with repetition.

My adorable fiance is sitting next me with his obsesticca looking at gun websites. His gun obsession is as to my ebay/myspace obsession. Yes, if he looks over, I'm either on ebay or myspace (obsessed with myspace) the whole making friends thing...I can't get enough artist friends. It's making me want to be a painter. Anyway, he's always making me look at guns on the internets and I think it's funny and cute. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of guns AT ALL, but Steve and guns is an oxymoron. He is a very wonderfully sweet and all around great guy. And then he has this gun obsession that doesn't fit...but it's cute. He's not into hunting, just guns and their mechanics and how they look.

In other news, I started my Yoga class this week. It was surreal. I've never taken a real yoga class. I love the idea of stretching and being one with myself, and my body and all of that, but we said a prayer, or something at the beginning of class in a different language, and we had to repeat it, and they swore up and down that it was not to a god, but i don't believe them. anyway, i think I'm going to make them tell me what we're saying next class. I'm positive it's a prayer to a god. which is fine, i just don't want to be tricked into saying a prayer.

I'm getting an Italian greyhound to foster at the beginning of next week! I'm so excited. I need my puppy fix.

Hope to see ya'll at the Schlafly fair. Here is a little preview of what will be there.

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