Thursday, August 16, 2007

THAT cat!

Unfortunately I have not been able to find a home for Pauly G. He is going to have to go back to the farm. I don't know, maybe it isn't so unfortunate for him. Maybe we (or just me) anthropomorphise animals and really they are ok chillin' outdoors. Seems like a hard life. But, the guy who lives on the farm feeds the kitties so at least Pauly G won't have to learn how to can just be his hobby.

For real! only 2 more days of County Glass. Next Wednesday and Friday. It is a good thing because I have gotten rather testicle with the customers when they are rude. It is such a strange business. The customers are extremely entitled. I suppose glass is one of those things that people want and don't need.

Let's see, what else. I gave the Frankmonster a horrible haircut today. Poor dog crapped herself at the groomers she was so scared and wouldn't come out of her kennel snapping at the workers the whole time. I got the phone call every pet owner dreads. "Ms. King, Uhm, we're sorry, but we are not going to be able to groom Frankie today, uhm she's too mean." Choke, swallow..oh, I understand, I'll be right there...(i swear I don't abuse my dog) she's just totally neurotic. We are going to take her to training classes for shy and fearful dogs. Not that she's shy and fearful toward us, just the rest of earth and probably planet. So, I bought me some clippers today and went at it. She was so good and patient. She looks so bad, but it's so funny, bald spots and all, she is prancing around like she is a new woman. hee hee.

This necklace is dedicated to Pauly G because I want THAT cat to get adopted!

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