Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ugly hands

I have man hands. All of this filing and cutting. Wooh! And I about cut my finger off today. Those damn birds. But I think they turned out nicely. I'd wear them around my neck. I love making jewelry, especially this "a piece a day" thing, because I have a new accessory to try out every day. Not that I am wearing the merchandise, just making sure that it lays nicely, or nothing weird happens while it's on. So back to my hands...they are crusty and a tad black as you might see in the picture. (which will be posted soon...my batteries died in my camera) They smell like liver of sulfur, not that I have not washed them. And they hurt, I am not complaining, I just find it comical about how ugly my hands have turned. All of the nails are uneven because I file a chunk off of a different nail everyday. There is no point in a manicure because it would be a waste of money being that it would last about five minutes after I started filing jewelry. Liver of sulfur is also stained under my nails. MMMM! lovely. Not to mention the cool scars I have from my bite wound. It is all worth it though. Dogs and jewelry! I will give up the beauty of my hands for the two.

"Goldie Hawn" a piece a day
(sterling silver, patina on copper necklace)


Anonymous said...

Bird on a wire is a really good movie...what better way to pay homage to a film that everyone loves than with a lovely piece of jewelry.

Jesse Danger said...

Wow! This is a beautiful piece. I love metalwork with patina, and the mix of the different colors is really effective.