Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sewing together burlap...hmmm. As I mentioned earlier, I bought this twine, then I bought a needle that doesn't fit the twine and even taped together they will not fit through the burlap. So, I unraveled the twine. It's a lot of twine, so that took a while. It still doesn't fit. So, I went and bought eyelets. I still have to unravel all of the twine in order for it to fit through the eyelets. Welcome to my world. Again, I need to plan a little better, but I am going to have the rockinest booth ever!

If you have read previous blogs, I told a little joke about my fingers bleeding from making too much jewelry. Not a joke, apparently. It hurts to hold sharp metal objects for long periods of time, while grinding, and grinding, so, when you've grinded through your skin, you don't necessarily realize that you've hurt yourself because it already hurt really bad before that, thus the bleeding.

I will be applying to my first juried shows very soon. I sure do hope that I get into some of them, since I am no longer employed and do not have any other direction but to make jewelry. The designs occupy all of my extra brain space. They feed off of one another floating around in my head. It is super hard to withhold from executing ideas when I have other things that need to be done.

Other things...I have two dogs, Frankie--the good dog (chow chow, german shepherd mix) and Floyd--the horribly goofy and defiant schnauzer/lab mix. Floyd is a nuisance. He chews on walls, purposefully knocks things off tables with his big fat snout, has chewed approximately 16 pairs of underwear and 4 socks, plus 3 nice shirts and 1 not so nice shirt, also 2 bras in the six months that I've had him. He is turning into a rather expensive little creature. He also thinks my cat is a squirrel, except one he has trapped in his house, so she is for his own play/possible eating. Cerveza, the cat HATES Floyd. And I think before Floyd Cerveza was a pretty easy going, like all creatures type of cat. No mas, her trust has been broken by the Floyd forever. These are the Days of my Animals.

Besos! (as my friend Laura would say)

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Anonymous said...

If anyone will save the world with jewelry, it will be you. You rock and even better your jewelry rocks!! So happy to see this up and running!!
- Your #1 fan