Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I almost have all of the necessary components for my booth. I have had a hard time finding very much info on putting a booth together for art fairs, especially jewelry, so, I thought I would share my experiences. I was going to use fabric to cover the inside of the walls of my booth. Has anyone ever priced fabric? My goodness it is expensive. So I'm going for a rustic look to match my jewelry, and I have these old burlap coffee bags, (boxes of them, don't ask why), in my basement. Ive decided to try to sew these bags together with twine. I didn't like the natural color of twine, so I thought I'd die it dark brown on my stove. What a mess! I don't know how many people asked me yesterday if I died my hands brown on purpose. Maybe I could have been a little more careful. I think that is the story of my life. To be more careful. Think before I move, so I don't run into furniture and such, don't stick your hands in a big vat of brown die, don't throw hot tweezers on your gas lines. No, I did not blow up my house, yet. That is the lesson for today regarding booth set up. Move slowly, so as not to bruise, blow up or make your hands look permanently dirty.

Also, I emailed the CEO of the RED campaign about making some jewelry for their campaign. He has not emailed back yet, so if anyone knows him, pop him a line and tell him that Amie King wants to help their cause with jewelry. Thanks in advance!

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Steve said...

Also, be careful walking a strong dog in icy weather. I hear that can be hazardous too... :-)