Friday, October 31, 2008

Driving me Batty

Happy Halloween all! I have a confession to make. I have trouble writing these entries without the pretty pictures to go along with them. Wouldn't you know it, that we broke another camera. When I say broke, I mean that my cute husband who likes to take things apart and put them back together did just that to the camera. Except this time, it has tape holding it together. There was a little spot under the lens that I would just photoshop out of my pictures, but drove Steve batty. So he decided to to try to get that whatever it was out of the camera. I think he got the fuzz out, but the camera is in a couple of pieces still. That is two cameras in six months, if you remember the honeymoon incident. Hence the lack of posts. Lack of inspiration.

It has been a crazy month. Dogs biting neighbors, dogs getting adopted, puppies being rescued, more dogs, kitchen under construction, dogs, dogs, dogs! I have about lost my mind. Alas, the kitchen is finished, the half bath is completed and now we will be starting on the bathroom upstairs. I will post before and afters of the kitchen as soon as I get a new camera. I love! love! LOVE! our new kitchen. I can cook again. I can take photos of what I cook! That is as soon as I get a camera.

Uhm, this weekend I will be in Memphis for the RiverArts Festival. It's only a 4 hour drive from St. Louis. I mean really, it could be a memorable road trip for your Halloween weekend. If I weren't doing an art show in Memphis on Halloween weekend, I would be driving to Memphis to go visit me at the art show. What? Ok, I am supposed to be leaving here in about negative 2 hours. My load in is in an hour and a half and I still haven't showered, loaded remaining things that need to be loaded, collected the random jewelry I have stashed around the house, gotten my directions together, gotten the puppy ready for his day with his mom get the picture. I am late, and here I am talking to you. But, I haven't talked with you in quite a while, so I am sure RiverArts fest will understand. I hear they are pretty cool.

I leave you with a picture of one vicious, neighbor-biting dog, and one not so vicious, not neighbor-biting dog. Do you know which one is which?

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Big Cope said...

i think the evil greeny looking eyed one at the bottom is the biter.. he looks just as mean as bailey the neighbor biter...ha ha