Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Endings!

Do you remember this pup? There were two of them, Uno, now Lulu & Dos, now Daisy. Lulu was adopted to a family who was also in the process of adopting a baby. I was not aware that they were adopting the baby, and it turned out that adopting a puppy and a baby at the same time proved to be a little much for one family. So, Uno found herself back in our home on Monday. She had spent a good portion of the last 10 months in a kennel, because the family did not have time for her. This neglect turned Lulu from a cute puppy with a lot of potential to a one year old dog who is scared of strangers. She is still cute though. Don't worry. The story gets better. I decided to email the woman who adopted Lulu's sister, just to see what her sister's temperament is like. Turns out that the family who adopted Lulu's sister, wanted to adopt Lulu too. I love happy endings. Isn't that just so sweet. Now the two sisters are together again, the Sullivan family has a new addition to it. Lulu already loosened up with all of the attention and wonderful neighborhood kiddos running around. It just makes me so happy.

Here is another one of the pieces I made last week...dedicated to the Sullivan family because they are saints! Flowers for them!


Christina said...

I love happy endings like that! Pretty necklace, too.

Tyler said...

saw your work at the shlafly fair and it took my breath away. entirely unique and beautifully crafted. i was going to do a post on it actually and just found your blog! and a dog lover to boot! sweet story of lulu. cheers to my fellow st. louisian, well done you. - Certified Loose Diamonds said...

Those necklace are awesome, I love to buy one for my puppy