Thursday, September 4, 2008

Raindrops keep...

It's raining buckets here. I love, love love the rain, but the dogs do not. I cannot get them to go outside on their own when it is even just sprinkling. So, I have to take the little princes and princess out one by one with an umbrella that sort of protects them. If they were smarter they would stay right next to me until they decide on their potty spot. Red will not stay still for the camera. He is the hardest dog I have ever tried to photograph. I will get a good one of him one of these days.

Oh! Oh! Clarence is in his new home. He has to be the luckiest dog ever! He went to PJ's sister and her husband. PJ is the woman who feeds the dogs in East St. Louis every single day since 2001. I drove Clarence to her sister's house on Monday (labor day). As we pulled into the private driveway, I gave Clarence a little talking to. It went something like this..."Now, Clarence, this is your chance to have the best home ever. This is your true life rags to riches story, and if you don't get it together within the next 5 seconds, you are going to blow it. Take a few deep breaths and get it together. You hear me! Clarence, stop looking at me like that. You are no longer a gangster, you are a prince that is going to have tons of land to run on, and horses to play with and a wonderful woman who will love you and make briscuit and slow roasted chicken for only five people and YOU, my friend will get the left overs." I did not really know about the briscuit before we pulled up, but Clarence got a little piece before any of the humans even ate. He was not on his best behavior as we had discussed, but apparently she is a patient woman. She was not bothered by his growling at her pups, nor his marking on her Ralph Lauren chair. It sounds like they are really going to keep him. I would love to say that I am happy to see him go, but I would be lying. I am happy for him, don't get me wrong, but I dreamt about him last night. I have never had a dream about a foster dog. Floyd's in trouble too. We figured out at the vet that his going to the bathroom in the house was not in fact thyroid issues, but because he missed Clarence while Clarence was in board training. Floyd and I are going to be a couple of blubbering sad dummies looking for Clarence in our dreams.

I am working on a design for a baby blanket that I am going to make. It is going to be of the softest organic cotton ever. The girl's blanket will have pink stitching squares and this design will be in the center. Steve and I created this little girl on paper. We are a really good team. I have an idea, tell Steve and draw it. He redraws it, and then I take that drawing and tweak what I think should be tweaked. Sometimes he will come back in and tweak some more. And this goes on until we think it is perfect. Next I drew her in Illustrator on my laptop, without a mouse. It hurt. So, I ordered a Wacom tablet in order to complete the other half of the drawing which will be a cold giraffe in need of that little girl's blanket. I am going to call it the Birthday Blanket. It is still a work in progress, but I thought I would give you a sneak peak! There will be a boy version too. But, back to that Wacom tablet. I am so excited about it, and so is Steve. It is like digital painting. Can't wait to see what we can create with it. We got the 9 x 12 tablet. I will let you know how it works for us. I am thinking it is going to be one of the best purchases ever. Alrighty, I should be making jewelry. The procrastination gene has kicked in. Schlafly Art Outside is tomorrow. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I am really looking forward to this show. I hope to see you there!

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