Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old Mr. Herman is moving on.

I call this necklace 'Sling Your Hook'. It is what pirates used to say when they were ready to pull the anchor and move on. It also has a British meaning of let's go , or move on. So, there ya go, let's all sling our hook, move on from whatever is holding us back.
This is Herman. He is moving on from that yucky Jefferson County Pound. He is 10 years old, skin and bones. I think once we kick the cold and get him on something for his hind legs, he will be a little spunkier. We had to shave him because he was so matted. He looks a bit like a gremlin now, but will have really pretty curly hair, once he grows it out. I miss having an old dog around. They are so much sweeter than the young spunky ones.

Isn't he handsome?
I hope everyone has a great wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend.

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