Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Xena: Warrior Princess

Look how vicious she is. She is a 5 week old Akita mix (we think). She terrorizes my 80 lb dogs and has no fear of any two legged creatures in the house, including my 6'6" husband. Our cries of pain from her little sharp puppy teeth do not seem to bother her either. I pulled her from the Ladue pound. She has horrific sores on her tail and leg. They have healed quite a bit, but I am surprised they did not amputate her tail, with the looks of it now, "healed". I also think she might be blind in one eye. She has a cloudy spot where it looks like she was poked. I have been trying to test her, but she doesn't really pay much attention to me anyway, so it's hard to tell. Who ever had her partly shaved her too. Weird. Why would anyone shave a puppy? This is her being cute. Which is how she normally looks. Luckily she is young enough to still be turned into a lovable dog.

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amy one ill said...

you said husband.
that doesn't even look like a dog. it looks like jonah's stuffed animals! Cuter than can that be?