Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fling, Flang, Flung

Flang is not a conjugation of fling.
I just flung toothpaste in my eye. There was no one else to tell about it besides the dogs, and it burns really bad. I flushed with water, so I think I will be ok. I used to wear contacts, and had to use eye drops all of the time. One time in high school before the Switch dance (is that what it was called?...girl invites boy), I accidentally put ear drops in one eye. Only one eye, trust me. It hurt so bad. My ma wanted to take me to the emergency room, but I just HAD to go to my dance. My aunt Colleen had made this cute, sparkly, gold dress, and I could not pass up the chance to wear it. So, I flushed and danced the night away. What all this has to do with that cute lady bug up there, I have no idea. I was just in my garden and there she was. I thought she was pretty, so I ran in and got the camera. I set the camera on the patio table after I was finished and then turned the sprinkler on. Almost lost another camera. If you remember, Steve jumped in the ocean with our camera on our honeymoon.

You're scaring me a little bit, little puppy, please don't kill me.
Oh, wait, I'm bigger than you.

Actually that was Frankie yawning. But, she is a little scared of the puppy. As are all of the big dogs. They don't get it. I try to tell them that they were all once little pups, but they don't believe me.

I took Xena: Warrior Princess to the vet to investigate a few problems. The sores on her foot and tail are from her sitting in her own feces for an unthinkable amount of time. Who leaves a puppy sitting in her own feces long enough for it to eat through her skin? This is a prime example of why I need to start the animal rescue people education camp I spoke about in this blog entry. Not only do a ton of animals need saving, but a TON of people need some teaching as well. I thought I would document the process of beginning the rescue camp in this blog. Eventually I will start an entire new blog devoted to the camp, but for now, events should be far enough in between that I will talk about it here. Currently, I am reading this very exciting book. It would be quite the snore if I was not so excited about doing this. As soon as I get through this, we will begin writing our articles, file to incorporate, and then file as a 501(C)(3), tax exempt charity. Woo! I think I got all that right. I am still learning. I have been looking for land too. LOTS of land. We are going to have to raise the money to purchase the land, so it may be a little bit of time, but I know we have our first donors. I am looking at 150 acres in Marthasville. I would prefer to do it somewhere a little more touristy, like Ste. Genevieve, but land is quite a bit more out there. If you have any suggestions where I can find 150 or more acres, near St. Louis, please let me know.


amy one ill said...

do you have a fancy microlens or do you crop?

Amie King--Saving the world One necklace at a time. said...

it's a micro lens, but it's just a canon powershot. i love it!

Aimee Dars said...

Thanks for all you do for the animals. Xena is a cutie and was so lucky you found her!