Saturday, April 5, 2008

Circus Weekend

I made this necklace yesterday. The center piece is an old dime that my Aunt had cut out and made into cuff links for my late Grandpa King. I cut the back off of the cuff link and then made a surround for the dime out of silver. The green button sits in a 14kg bezel. It was my Grandma's button. She gave me a bunch of pretty buttons a while ago. The back has the word 'Love' stamped on it. It is not for sale because it is a little near and dear to my heart.

Yesterday I had my first wedding shower. I am not used to that kind of attention. It makes me paranoid. But, I had so much fun and my cousin Heather did such a beautiful job putting it all together. I wish I would have brought my camera because she made this fabulous Tiramisu style cake. And there was this oh so delicious fruit salsa. I need the recipe for all of it.

Kind of a circus weekend here at the King/Simmons household. I have two wedding showers, a trivia night/silent auction for my rescue, and an artist friend is coming to stay in town with us! I love circus weekend. I also have a friend coming in town for one of the showers, from Indiana, who I wish I had more time to spend with.

Speaking of the trivia night, I would just like to thank all of the folks who donated to our rescue. Peg Fetter, a brilliant jewelry artist here in St. Louis gave a gorgeous necklace and a beautiful bracelet. If you have not yet checked out Peg's jewelry, please do! She made both my engagement and wedding ring. Cindy Neal of Neal framing donated gift certificates to her fabulous frame shop. She does not have a website, but can be found in a phone book. Remember those? Also, Purina foods donated a years supply of dog and cat food. It is amazing how generous people are.

I hope everyone is well, and you have a relaxing weekend. I think I will be able to relax again after May 10th. Well, definitely on our honeymoon.

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