Saturday, March 8, 2008

And the Best dog goes to...

Maybe it's Ironhead. I do not have any photos of Ironhead yet, but he is a beautiful black lab and so incredibly calm. He is already adopted, so I have not felt the need to do a photo session with him. We picked him up in East St. Louis one incredibly cold morning. He came out of his abandoned building shivering and wining. PJ (the lady I ride with sometimes to feed the dogs) fed him. Meanwhile, I called Steve to see if I could bring him home. Steve said yes. Again. I can't believe it. Really, we don't even know Ironhead is here. Except when he had his surgery and his gonads swelled to the size of a softball and he started dripping blood and we had to rush him to the emergency room. All is well now. The swelling has gone down, and Ironhead is looking forward to his new home. It is actually a pretty ironic, story. On Ironhead's description I talk about his big blocky head and his old school Labrador demeanor. The folks who were searching for a dog really wanted a lab with a blocky head. Who knew that would be the description that got them. On top of that, the husband is an Iron worker. And on TOP of that, the husbands avatar on the computer is Ironhead. Oh, the irony head. After meeting Ironhead they decided they couldn't live without him. He's a neat dog.
And then there is Heidi. This picture kind of epitomizes her personality. I wrote about Heidi before. Approximately two weeks after we brought her into our house, I noticed a lump on her vulva area. We had it removed, sent it to be biopsied and it turned out to be cancerous. The vet seems to think that it is an isolated incident, and she will be healthy for the rest of her life. She is a nutty dog. She plays, and plays and plays. She counter surfs and the other day came running into the living with a knife in her mouth, sharp side sticking out. Crazy Rottweiler. She busted out the bottom left window in our french door, and now uses it as her own personal doggie door. Oh, and after her surgery, she chewed her staples out. Oh my! So I took her to the vet and they stapled again, put one of those cones on her head, and she got out of the cone and chewed her staples out again. So then they put one of those elongated collars on her and she chewed her staples out completely. All while still at the vet. Final solution was leave the staples out and tranquilize her with the elongated collar for a couple of days. Although she still got out of the collar again (and ate it), she was so good for those days. And then when she came out of her tranquilized state, she was double crazy. Or, I forgot how crazy she was. Now you are up to date on the dizzies. But, really Heidi is going to be a very rewarding dog for someone. She is so sweet, and I wish I had more one on one time with her. There is another one in East St. Louis who seems to be injured every time we see him named Clarence. He is beautiful and will be easy to adopt. Not as easy to catch though. We're gonna get him and make him a happy x-street dog. I will try to get a picture of him on the streets next time I go out.

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amy one ill said...

Glad you're back...missed you. i especially love that new piece with the green african're amazing...where's the donkey if there's an elephant?!?!?