Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dogs in a Row

Last night was my cousins, Heather & Ben's, 10th annual chili cook-off. It is always so much fun. The chili has gotten so good every year that it is nearly impossible to decide the winner. Always a good time and lots of delicious chili. Heather is an artist and she has been my go-to girl since I started even considering doing the art thing full time. I am always inspired by her studio and how close to perfection she has come with her organization and inventiveness.

We got a fireplace!
Now I am going to have to make some stockings and maybe one of those days of December garlands as done by Fiona at Hop Skip Jump. That is the cutest thing I have seen lately.

We finally got some pictures of Bob's brother whom we call "Bad Bob".
Not because he is bad--the first night he was here he had to be quarantined in the dining room. He jumped the fence about ten times before I finally just got out of bed and slept on the couch. He just wanted me around. After that he was fine staying in the dining room. Steve coined the name Bad Bob. For a while it was Bad Bob, and his brother Big Bob, but last night Steve and I were asking Frankie to "shake", you know, like shake paws. Mind you, Big Bob has not responded a lick to his name since we got him, but came running when we asked Frankie to shake. Obviously, we thought Big Bob wanted to shake, so we're like "good Big Bob, wanna shake". No shake. We were confused. And then I realized that his real name might rhyme with shake. Yes, Big Bob's real name is Jake. We figured it out. Now he comes every time we call and wags his tail when we say his name. I've never figured out a foster dogs real name.

Turns out Jake and his brother Bad Bob are the best of friends. They snuggle like Yin & Yang,

take treats together,

and even are nice enough to allow the two perma-dogs to partake in the treatfest.

I would really like to find one home for both of them if at all possible. I know that is a tall order, but I am willing to wait. They neeeeddd each other, I swear.

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