Sunday, December 30, 2007

An Inspirational Day

First, this sunset from our front porch. Technically we do not own that tree. But, I do tend to call it my tree. Except, in the presence of our awesome neighbors, Anne & Darren, I correct myself, "I mean your tree". It is on their side. But I can see it from my window. I suppose there are a lot of things I can see from my window that I do not own.

And then this fabulous movie. If you have not seen it, I highly suggest going out and renting it. Steve and I were just talking about where we are going to go for our honeymoon. And, I think if we can afford it we are going to go to Ireland. Stay in an old castle or something. That sounds like more our speed than a sunny, beachy vacation.

I hope everyone has a superb new year's eve and new year's day. I am off to download the soundtrack to that movie!

Oh! And my website shop is finally up. If you have signed up for my newsletter, I will be sending the first one out shortly to notify the launch.

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