Saturday, November 10, 2007

Who doesn't love muffins?

Tomorrow we are going to Steve's parents house. They are such great people. I am so excited to be part of their family. Peggy always says not to bring anything, but I think I am going to make some muffins.

I will take some pictures of the muffins, just to prove that I am not making up that I am going to make muffins just to have a reason to post my muffin necklace. But, I am making muffins, just so I can post my necklace. I am excited about both. The muffin necklace and the muffins. This week I cranked on the jewelry. I will be posting them as they fit into my blog. It's like a puzzle for me trying to think of reasons to post my necklaces. It has to fit, right? This is a blog about jewelry, right?

I am in the process of putting together an online shop for my jewelry. Steve is really in the process, because he is my programmer. Isn't he wonderful! We have had such a great day sitting on the couch working on my website. I love jobs where I can sit on the couch. Not to mention the fact that we finally got ALL of my crap out of the top of the house. Boxes and everything. No more piles! Except the piles of artwork that I need to hang. I am starting to love this house. We are getting a fireplace too which I am super duper duper excited about. I fantasize about warm drinks and glasses of wine while the fireplace burns in the winter. Really, it doesn't take a fireplace for me to fantasize about wine though. This house is so cold all of the time that I think a fireplace will help with the gas bill. I hope. I will also be sending out a monthly newsletter after my site is launched. There will be a signup page on the new site.

My dogalicious the Floydy Doydy makes the best noises. One of these days I will post them online for ya'll to hear. He is such a gremlin.

Today a family came to meet Andy This photo was taken by a very talented artist named David Carlyon. He is so nice and volunteers his talents for the rescue. Isn't Andy just precious. It is so hillarious. This is the second time he has pulled the 'I am a boring dog who is totally disinterested in you people' card. He will be all playful and fun before the peeps come, and then he lays in the furthest corner he can and stares at them. I think he wants to stay. One of these days the right person will come along and Andy will have his person.

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