Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wascally Wabbit

Or dog, but it kind of looked like a rabbit. I have two super powers. 1) I put out street lights while driving, walking and running. It happens so often that there has to be something with my waves that does it. 2) I attract dogs. In addition to the dogs that I'm supposed to rescue, I typically run into a stray, or shall I say, the stray runs into me, every couple of weeks. There was a point, not so long ago that Steve and I had four dogs in our house. Then I was walking the Frankmonster and lo and behold a cutie beagle walks up with no collar. Just walked up to us and then followed us home. Luckily, this little pup had a micro chip and I found his owner that day. The little guy was still there when Steve came home from work, and I pretended like it was our new 5th dog. I'm not a very good jokester though. If it involves a lie, I don't last very long. Especially if it's supposed to be funny. I end up squinting my eyes, then I crack a smile, and if that doesn't tell them that I'm lying, I bust out with the truth. Usually within three or four seconds of the last word of the lie.

Tonight, Steve and I were eating at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in South City located right on Kingshighway called Lily's. As we were finishing our meal, I saw a little wascally dog run down the sidewalk. I yelled, "A dog!" and ran out the door. Steve being the sweetie he is, got up and paid, so he could jump in the dogmobile and help. This little guy was going to run straight into busy Kingshighway, so I persuaded him to go up the alley, instead of straight into his death and my heart attack. I went back to the restaurant and Steve and I drove and found him in the alley. Steve at one point was able to try and pick him up, but almost got bit. At that point, the little guy must have realized that he had best go home. He ran through a tiny alley, up to a door and began barking histerically. Like, "Dad!, Dad! These crazy people are trying to take me! Dad! Dad! Let me in! Daaaaddddddd" I am never very nice to people who let their dogs almost get hit by cars. I'm nice to most people, but not those who don't take care of their pets. I yelled at him and told him that his dog almost died. And finished as I was walking away with, "And get him a collar!" Please keep the dogs on leashes. It is so dangerous not to. And if you can't, don't get a dog.

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Anonymous said...

I'm like that with cats, too. Have you ever met the black lab, Cinder around the corner on Reber? I cant tell you how many times I had taken that dog home to her owners. She's a big happy fat black lab that will come to "anyone" and that is not always a good thing. The last time I brought her home the woman came to the door with a baby attached to her breast! I was going to let her (kind of) have it but I thought better of the timing. One of these days they will not find Cinder and I bet they wont care a bit. I think they have since moved...

You arent alone!