Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dirty, Dirtiness

Today I was outside photographing this necklace. I have had this image of the necklace in my head for a week now. I created most of it and then ran out of material. I thought it was going to be so fabulous that it would be my banner display for my blog. I made it the display because I had my heart set on it, not because I love how it turned out. It definitely wears better than it photographs. Mostly I find the more excited I am about a piece, the less I like it. Anyway, I finished taking the pictures of this necklace. I call it "pretty little things for life". I was in a froo froo mood when I made it. I open the door to go outside and out shoots Andy onto the porch and out the dog gate that I so neglectfully forgot to shut. I have it up there for that very reason. Because I can't seem to keep the dogs in the first door. Apparently I can't keep them behind the second trap door either. As a rule of thumb, I've learned never to chase a dog, they think it's a game. I typically say the word "treat" very rambunctiously, squat at the top of the steps and call them. Voila! He came right up to me. As I swooped him up telling him what a good dog he is, I see this woman walking down the sidewalk about three houses down. She peeked around a tree and said "Amie?, are you Amie King." Or something like that. I can't really remember because I was so concerned with the fact that I hadn't showered for a day and a half (yikes!). See, I work out of my home and it is so easy to wakey wakey, drink the coffee, and go downstairs in the same thing I slept in and make jewelry. The woman, who I think told me her name, but again I can't remember it because I was so concerned that I might have a glob of mascara under my eye said that she was in that antique store Roots which I love so much and also down the street in another great antique store called Eclectica. She said that both of the women mentioned my name and my jewelry and so she was walking and thought that it might be me. Now, I am sure that the woman who owns Eclectica told her that I was building a retaining wall in my front yard and that is how she found me, but I feel horrible that I wasn't nicer and I hope that if she reads this blog at some point I can reintroduce myself. Hopefully I will be cleaner, and without dog in arms. And maybe at that point my house will be suitable to invite people in. I have had such a horrible time keeping this house in guest allowing order. With four dogs and the fact that I still haven't completely unpacked, it is impossible to keep it looking nice. Not that it ever did look nice.

That reminds me that I went to pick up mail from my old house on 59th st. this weekend. A lovely young couple bought it from me. I lived there for 6 years and it was my first house. I put a lot of love into that house and I really miss it. The new owners have completely redone the back yard and it looks fabulous! I got a tear in my eye. I can't wait until I can get this house into living, working, I love my hizzy order. In dedication to getting this house in order I have made a necklace that I call "Rule the Roost" implied, don't let it rule you, which my house is doing right now along with all of the dogs. Especially the one that just jumped on my computer while I was typing. The other day he did that and it broke my c key off. I couldn't copy and paste for a whole two days. Mac replaced it for free.

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