Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Finding the time

Today was my first real full day of making jewelry. I finished two pieces. It feels so good to be doing what I love to do all day. Steve and I were talking earlier about how hard it is to find time to do those things that you love. Like when you feel guilty for painting or making jewelry or hanging out with puppies because there are other things that are more important that need to be done. So, I decided to make the thing I love my job. And when I am sitting there grinding metal, I feel very happy that I now am required to make jewelry because it is my job and my lively hood.

My new plan is to make a new piece of jewelry every day and post it. Kind of like the a painting a day sites, but with jewelry. Meanwhile, I will work on bigger more intricate pieces. Today is lucky day, because I finished a daily piece, and a more intricate necklace. This will not happen every single day for a while, because I still am working at County Glass. But the contract is almost completely approved and completely complete...forilla!

"Balanced" earrings--a piece a day

"Fly Away" necklace

This weekend my ma and I stopped into a place on 12th street in Soulard called Pets in the City. I started talking about the puppies I am fostering and the woman there is a part of an animal rescue called Gateway Pet Guardians. I will post a link to their website. I am going to adopt the puppies out through them. They have a great adoption policy and are sure to find the best possible homes for the pups. I think I may start volunteering with them as well. There will be an adoption event at the Petsmart on Kingshighway on Jan. 20th. If you would like to meet Moose or Brownie or any of their other great dogs, come on down.

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