Friday, June 27, 2008

Rescue Me

I call these earrings rescue me. It is stamped on the back. I think it is fitting.
This is Steve's car. He picked me up on our first date in what we now affectionately have coined 'Blue Thunder'. He was lucky I liked him so much, because when he pulled up, I had to bite my tongue to not say, "What possessed you to buy this car?" I didn't and so he asked me out on another date. Now that we are married, I need a mini van for my art shows. We had the option to either sell my brand new Yaris that gets 40 mpg, or Steve's turbo blue thunder that gets, not a bad, 25 mpg. That's no 40. I was ok with either I swear. Steve chose to sell blue thunder all on his own, I swear. Ahh, married life, trading the sports cars in for mini vans already. So, I don't know who is sending out the S.O.S; me from the get go of having to ride around in the sporty, ground affects, huge spoiler car we call blue thunder, or Steve who after only 1 month of marriage has to sell his blue baby. I think it might be Steve. I dedicate these earrings to you, honey. Soon, you will have your motorcycle, and you will feel rescued. I promise.


Big Cope said...

can steve even fit in the yaris?

sweetcheese said...

Love the earrings! And as I would tell my hubby, Steve definitely gets MAJOR husband-points for giving up such a sweet ride.