Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chesterfield Art in the Parking Lot This Weekend!

Well, it started last night. Again, my tent almost blew away. I guess I didn't tell you about last weekend. There were crazy rainy winds that came through Art & Air. For some reason I stayed in my tent. I think it was because it was raining too hard to run the two feet to the car. I am glad I stayed because I caught my tent mid air. I had weights, but they are not good enough. Apparently, I did not learn my lesson, because I did not bother to get new weights. Out of site, out of mind. So, yesterday, I was caught in the same position of holding down my tent with all of my might. By the next show I WILL have stabilizing bars and better weights. I am going to lose my tent one of these times if I do not figure it out. It is all such a matter of trial and error. I see artists that have been doing this for 40 years, and they really have it down pat. I hope to catch on faster than 40 years from now. Speaking of artists who have been doing this for 40 years, I met the most wonderful couple at Art & Air this past weekend. Richard Gruchalla & Carrin Rosetti make the most beautiful pottery. And, to top it off they are the sweetest couple who travels doing their art all year. They adopted Winnie, the most wonderful small dog ever. So hard to give her up, but it is reassuring to know what a loving family they are and how much love and attention she is going to get in her lifetime now.

I have more stories about last weekend to share, and I am sure that there will be plenty more from this weekend. It is always an adventure. But, now I have to get ready to go. I hope to see you all at the Chesterfield Art in the Parking Lot!

Oh, and above is a close up of my new booth. I have it set up differently this weekend, so I will take a good over all photo today. The material you see is by Anna Maria Horner. Check out her website. She makes the best material, kitchen towels, aprons, paintings and her house is an inspiration. I have never been, but I sneak peaks of it on her blog. Have a great weekend and a wonderful Father's Day!


amy one ill said...

I am so happy Winnie has a good home. I really fell in love with her the moment I saw her.

Aimee Dars said...

Lovely necklaces! So sorry that you're having tent issues...hopefully, the new weights will work!