Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jewelry Schmulery

I have been sick since Sunday. It started on Sunday and I thought, I will just lay around on Monday and be better on Tuesday. And then Tuesday came, and I thought, if I just lay around one more day, then I will be better for the rest of the week. I better not exert myself too much. That went on for the rest of the week. Meanwhile, I went to East St. Louis with a lady named P.J. who has gone to East St. Louis every single day since 2001 to feed and care for the stray doggies out there. It was quite an experience. I could not resist taking a dog off of the cold streets. She jumped in the car, I took her home. She is a tiny Rottweiler mix. At a year and a half old, she is only about 50 lbs. She is not used to the home life as she has lived on the streets for most of her days. Except maybe those few days where she lived with someone who forgot to feed her, cut her tail off, and abused her with inanimate objects. She is scared to death of Steve and anything he is carrying. But, she will still come to him. I will get some pics of her soon. She is a little scraggly right now. I am going to make her a sweater to help her in the cold. She does not have a lot of hair because of malnutrition. I know she sounds like a mess, and well she is. And, I am a mess because I have been sick all week, dealing with a pacing, itchy, attachment disordered dog who can't sleep alone. And the puppies, whom we now call Uno & Dos, are doing great, although a lot of work, they are growing like mad. All of the things that come along with their growth is growing too. Like their messes, and their food intake. The only thing that hasn't grown is their nap time. It is shrinking.

It snowed like mad yesterday. My photo does not really do it justice, but cut me some slack, I was almost passed out on cold medicine when I took this picture from our back door window. Are you jealous of our rotten garage paneling. It's on the list of to dos for the spring. Can't wait for spring. Can't wait to make the back yard pretty.

Instead of making jewelry this week, I painted. It is a little less exertion than jewelry. I cannot lie though. I have been working on this painting for a while. It was going to be Steve's birthday gift, but then I thought it was weird to give someone a painting of themselves. I took this photo in New York a couple of days before we got engaged. We went to this little breakfast nook down the street from our hotel. All the waitresses were really skinny, had big hair and wore a lot of makeup. It was awesome. I loved the photo so much that I painted it. Obviously.

I promise some new pieces of jewelry next week. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head, and I cannot wait to execute.

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Afoster said...

I love the painting of Steve. It is sooo very good, and I am sooo very proud of you.
I get compliments on my Lila necklace all the time. i heart it.
i heart you.