Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm freakin' out

and I don't want to freak everyone else out, but really this is the best outlet I have for venting and maybe getting a few people who relate. I just heard a story here in St. Louis about two dogs who were thrown 30 feet from a bridge by a person. There is a reward to find the person who did it. One of the dogs ran off and has yet to be found, and the other's injuries were so bad that it had to be put to sleep. I haven't stopped crying since I heard the story. And it's not necessarily about those dogs, I mean it is, but I just do not understand the horror that exists. How can someone, a human being with the same biological makeup as myself and you be so cruel. What makes anyone want to hurt something or someone else, for fun? Do they enjoy seeing others suffer. I am reading this book A Peoples history of the United States. It is not like I did not realize that most of what we learn in our history classes is a big fat lie, but I just did not realize the extent of the lie. And how cruel our heroes were. Our foundation was built on murder, slavery and criminals. I have never said this before, and I don't really mean it, but I am starting to think that people are innately bad. I mean, I live in my happy little bubble with my sweet dogs and my wonderful fiance and there is so much going on that is out of our control, that we are not required to think about on a daily basis. It just really hit me in the face this time. Thanks for listening and I promise I will not have these sad posts very often.

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Lisa said...

Amie, I saw that on the news too. What a sweet pup; I didn't know he had to be euthanized. I regularly rant at news like this.
We make the world better by doing what we can, even though people are out there who do awful things. Hang in there and give those puppies you're fostering a hug!